Downtown Development Authority

Vicksburg DDA - About Us

The Vicksburg Downtown Development Authority (DDA) was formed February 3, 1986 by the Village of Vicksburg to enhance its downtown and plan and develop growth in its downtown district.


Downtown Vicksburg will be a premier destination which embraces our rich heritage by showcasing unique boutiques in historic store fronts, and offering dynamic dining, event and entertainment experiences along the shores of Sunset Lake.


The Vicksburg DDA provides incentives, support, and resources which will promote economic growth, while enhancing property values, and compelling businesses and citizens to live, work and invest in the downtown district.


Downtown Improvement

Goal: Develop a downtown improvement plan to maintain current buildings, remedy blighted properties, enhance greenscapes, and green community activities.

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Business Growth

Goal: Create a growth plan to eliminate vacancies, develop a unique business mix, design business support programs, and identify space for future development.

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Infrastructure Plan

Goal: Develop an infrastructure plan including improvements to accommodate mobility, connectivity and handicap accessibility.

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Arts & Culture Council

Goal:  Create  awareness with  southwest Michigan artist communities, and develop venues and activities for the arts in the downtown district.
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Development Area Citizens Council

Goal:  Represent residents in the proposed development area.
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Goal: Develop an external marketing/communications plan to promote downtown business collaboration, branding, and awareness

of downtown Vicksburg as a place to work, live and play.

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